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Final Century of the Season In the Books

Well, it was cold and cloudy, 36F to start and it only warmed up 10-12 degrees by the time we finished. Thanks to my Specialized cold weather jacket I was only cold when I was pulling, and that wasn’t much, we hauled ass. 99.5 miles in 4 hours 58 minutes 24 seconds. That’s right folks, 20 mph average for just shy of 100 miles – and there were only seven of us that showed up. In fact, including a 12 minute pit stop we did the first 72 miles in under 3-1/2 hours.

At those speeds, I spent some time hiding. I learned the hard way that pace line riding has a lot to do with who you follow as much as who will get you dropped. I followed a Categorized racer (I think he’s Cat 3, but he might be a 2). Folks, he was a freaking horse, pulling 2 or 3 miles at a time at speeds in excess of 23 mph… Riding on his wheel I was ready to fall back before he did – then, trying to keep his speed up I was only good at the front for a couple of minutes.

We were so fast, I averaged 20 – and I dropped off the back to take it easy for the last 5 miles at an average pace of 15 mph.

So, to the reasons for the success… I followed my plan. A large pizza for dinner last night, a good breakfast, coffee (3 cups), and a bunch of Gu Roctanes, some Extreme Energy Beans… And at mile 91, cinnamon-sugar donuts and apple cider. I was absolutely cooked when we stopped and that saved me. I bought a half gallon, filled up my bottle and shared the rest. It was absolutely wonderful and gave my beat body a lot of life (all of the sugar).

I’ll write more about it tomorrow, after watching the Tigers win game two, I’ve gotta get out the door for bowling!