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Daily Archives: February 10, 2013

When Life Snows On Your Parade…

Go sledding.

Today’s workout: walk briskly up hill, sled down with big grin stretched across your face, repeat. Often.





If I Had Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollars – Mountain Edition

I’ve wanted a dual suspension mountain bike ever since I started riding with my buddy Tim who has a Cannondale Lefty. I can kill him on the uphills but his technical riding ability and the way he cruises downhill (while I’m getting my hard tail ass beat) is just too much for me… So, if I had $3,500:


The 15 Minute Workout? No Thanks, You Go Ahead

I’ve read all of the hype from the pros and doctors who say that all you need is fifteen minutes of intense activity to constitute a workout. I get it, heck I started doing interval workouts on my bike in hopes of improving my performance in the coming season but fifteen minutes, for a workout?

The truth is that fifteen minutes just isn’t enough, not even on the trainer in my office. I need a minimum of 45 minutes to really feel like I did something, though on two occasions last summer I did cut rides to 24 and 32 minutes because I was really pressed for time. Even though I did ride a lot faster than usual, I was really bummed when I pulled into the driveway. Even running, 22 minutes is the bare minimum for feeling like I got a decent run in (though I’m closer to a couple of hours lately).

I suppose if that’s all one can commit to in the beginning it’s better than nothing, but I seriously can’t get there in my head – you can’t burn enough to do any good in such a short period. There are a few trains of thought on this: “hey, it’s only 15 minutes, I can do that“… Then there’s my train, “why f’in’ bother? Yeah, it may be better than nothing but not by much”.

In the end, I suppose I’m blessed to be unencumbered by the usual BS that most people will buy to keep from being healthy. It wasn’t always this way – it took a gut and a big ass to see the light, and then years to get rid of it before I saw the light:

Humorously enough, my ass is kind of like my marriage. I get out of it what I put into it. If I only put fifteen minutes a day into my marriage, I’ll end up in divorce court.