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Sweet Jesus, Spring Is HERE! And a Milestone

60’s and 70’s as far as the eye can see, the grass is green, the sun is out and all is forgiven.

She took her sweet time showing up to the party but we’re mere days away from packing the tights away till October. Thank God, I’m almost giddy. Tomorrow’s temp is supposed to hit 70 – WITH SUNSHINE!

Of course, they’ve changed the forecast for Sunday to a slight chance of rain so that might mess with the Ride for Recovery, but I don’t melt so one way or another, I’m riding.

Also, because the warmth finally came around I’m still planning a ride today with Mrs. Bgddy. As well, I’m riding down to the running club tomorrow morning because it’s going to be warm… I know I should take the day off to “taper” before my first long ride of the year, but I’ve had enough days off because of cold, rain and snow. I just might have a little conversation with the legs to let them know who’s in charge here.

On another note, I should pass 50,000 hits today in the year and a half this blog has been in existence. I wanted to take a minute to thank all of the great folks I’ve virtually met over the last eighteen months. Thanks for all of the great advice, stories and conversations we’ve had. When I started this little blog I’d hoped for maybe 12,000 a year. I received more than double that my first year and it looks like I’ll double that again this year. Thank you for reading, thanks for commenting and most of all, thanks for the friendship.

I’d love to spend more time, but it’s time to ride baby! Woohoo!

UPDATE: 50,017!!! I was out on my bike when I passed the mark. After a nice ride with Mrs. Bgddy this morning, and the sun burning through the thin wispy clouds, I couldn’t settle for 8 miles – I threw in another 16 before the kids came home.

My definition of spring taper: “Shut up legs, it’s nice outside! I’ll rest you in a couple of weeks”.