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Not Done Yet – 60 Miles of Joy

Mike, Adam and Diane (on Adam’s awesome Cannondale tandem) and I did 60 miles this morning in just over three hours and it was good. We broke a road rule and rode three abreast for the majority of the ride (only when traffic wasn’t present), at least until the tandem team decided to pick up the pace at miles 37 and 38 where they upped the tempo to 23 and 24 mph respectively – at that point Mike and I simply tucked in behind and held on.

I felt strong for the first 45 miles but I started fading so we stopped in at a gas station at my request and I picked up a Coke and a Snickers (if you want to go fast, you need sugar). I felt quite excellent after that and the rest ticked away easily.

Mike and the tandem left me at mile 55 for home and I kicked out the last five alone.

No bonking, no worries about wanting to quit – and this was after volunteering at the Crim running race again yesterday. I won’t say that I’m back to July’s form, which was spectacular, but I’m getting there.

Oh, and if a 60 mile bike ride wasn’t cool enough (it is), my phone didn’t ring once on the ride. It’s all good.