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377 Miles in Four Days, Another Fantastic DALMAC is in the History Books

We rode DALMAC this weekend, the 50th iteration (the jersey, which I bought, is outstanding).

I’ll start on a better write-up tonight now that I’ve got some time to give the post my proper exuberance. For now, I’ll simply say it was great to feel a little normalcy and crank out three full centuries and a 75-miler with some good friends.

We even had a couple of friends ride home with us, so the good times and great conversation didn’t end till we pulled into the driveway.

What an epic weekend.

It was a time for reflecting on how fortunate and blessed I am. From my wonderful wife, to my good friends, and for the beautiful state we live in.

Most of all, for my recovery. Without that, good times simply aren’t possible. For that, I am most grateful.

More later. I have to get ready to go ride with my friends again now that we’re home! I get to see if I just fixed my shifting issue on my Trek. Fingers crossed!

Thursday: 100.6 miles 18.8-mph avg (headwind almost all day)

Friday: 101.4 miles 20.2-mph avg (winds a little more favorable and a blistering start on the wheel of a stellar tandem)

Saturday 100.2 miles 19.5-mph avg. We had a 20 avg going into the big climbs at mile 90 but if you gun the 2 mile climb to the wall, you’re sure to blow up when you start up it. 19.5 on this day is very fast.

Sunday 75.35 miles 18.5-mph avg. The first half of this ride is very climby and always a bit of a parade lap – especially through Harbor Springs . It picks up after lunch!

I Rode 100 Miles… Day 1 of DALMAC

Not “if”, I did. Again. There was a difference in this century, though. A very special difference.

It was the first time I was ever bummed to see 40 miles go by and think, we’re almost halfway there… already. 60 miles tick by…. “I can’t believe it’s almost over!”

Then, when 80 went by, all I could think was, “I can’t believe how good I feel”… I was really bummed, then.

At 85 miles I had a Starbucks Triple Shot. A Double Shot is awesome enough, but a triple?

The next 8-1/2 miles were fast and spectacular. I could have pushed the pace a little bit. I wasn’t dancing on the pedals, but close to it.

At 99.3 I was ready to be done. A mile later, we were. We had a mild headwind for the majority of the ride, but we had a solid group and we crushed it.

One of the most enjoyable centuries I can remember. You can see below, with the temp in the low 70s, they just don’t make days better than that for a bike ride. And that triple? Rather than shower and crash, I set up the camper while my wife went out for a ride of her own. I didn’t even bother with a nap after I did shower.

I’ll have some more of that, please!

What a day!