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Let’s Work Together to Get Things Done…


November 2013

Political rant of the day – it’s been far too long since I blew off some steam.  If you want more of my usual upbeat awesomeness, this post isn’t for you.  If you want to read a good conservative slam on Chris Christie, Honey boo-boo’s mom and a whole host of other funny stuff, check it out.

This post contains highly caustic language and is not meant for children and probably has more than one reference to something that could piss you off, but is only so because you’re kind of kooky – please certify that you are older than 18 (and are not stupid) by clicking on the “More” button:

I love bullshit, idiotic political sayings… Chris Christie (Governor, sometimes R – New Jersey) said the other day that the people want someone who will get things done. What a bunch of foolish bullshit.  I want someone who is going to log jam the hell out of the works so all they can do is pay their bills – I want no new laws, period.  You’re worried about “gay marriage”?  Marry a fucking tree for all I care – equal protection under the law.  We don’t need a new law, the government already can’t treat you differently!  It says equal protection under the law, not equal protection at church, don’t expect the church to embrace your sinnin’ ways though, to expect that would be plain stupid.  I was reading a post just yesterday morning about calling sportives races, like they do for running… When you sign up for a 5k, you sign up for a race – not a running sportive. Hell, my Tuesday night club ride is a race! 

Well, it turns out that in the UK you’re not allowed to race on the Highways because a bunch of stupid  politicians “got things done”.  No, they have to call it a sportive, no prizes, no places, or they consider it a race which requires a mountain of costly paperwork, insurance and permits… Oh how proud the Brits must be that their politicians showed up that day and “got things done”.  By the way, guess what sportives are treated as in the UK…  Come real close and don’t tell anyone…  Do you have your speakers muted?  They’re treated by the leaders as races.

See, there are two sides to this coin…  You’ve got the naïve/ignorant dopes who hold the assumption that politicians do good when they show up for work… Yeah, $16 TRILLION in debt worth of good. Obamacare (AKA the ACA) – a Democrat wet dream so awesome the Democrats had to lie about it to get 40% approval of the Bill/Law. Now anyone making more than 100 grand a year is finding that their insurance is going to skyrocket to subsidize everyone who doesn’t make that much… Hell, everyone’s concentrating on the “you can keep your insurance” lie, what about the “your taxes won’t go up unless you make more than $250,000” promise?  When you have to pay $24,000 for a product than costs $13,000 on the open market, what do you call the extra $11,000? It’s a tax. And the talking heads are saying, “don’t worry, it’s not that many people”…but the employer mandate was postponed for a year. That shoe drops next year…  And here’s another shoe to drop:  Remember the gold plan insurance tax?  That’s the 40% tax on top of any health insurance plan valued at around $10,500 for an individual or $27,000 for a family…  Here’s where it gets fun folks, say you make $125,000 –  half of the $250,000 promised.  Not only could you have to pay an extra $14,000 tax to subsidize everyone else, your plan costs $27,000 – you get hammered for another 40% on every dollar over the limit in taxes because you’re subsidizing poor people.  You can’t make this shit up.

Now, if you think people are going to be stupid enough to cough up another $13,000 a year or so – a tax hike of Biblical proportions on someone who makes $125,000 a year and is relegated to “the system”, you really would have to be riding the short bus.  You are so fucking stupid, honey boo-boo could be your tutor – better yet, honey boo-boo’s mom could teach you a thing or two.  We are Americans, we are not intimidated and one way or a fuckin’ other, those who make that much (I’m safe, so far) will figure out how to avoid a 100+% tax increase…  So, Obamacare (AKA the ACA) will crumble under its own weight because if you think pressure is great now, wait until some of these Washington insiders start getting zapped – and better yet, just wait until all of those big business waivers expire…  This shit is going to get messy.

so says Jabba the Hut

so says Jabba the Hut

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On the other side you’ve got the rest of the us who look at politicians as a step down from an ambulance chaser.  Sure the ambulance chaser has a high opinion of himself but everyone knows he’s a shyster, one rung down from the fabled used-car salesman.  Who can look at Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner or Newt Gingrich and say, “yeah I wanna be just like them when I grow up”…  Are you fucking kidding me!?

So, Mr. Politician, you think the people want you to “get stuff done”?  You’re not Larry the fuckin’ Cable Guy, only the dicks on the coasts want you to “get stuff done”.  The rest of the country wants you bastards to stay the fuck home and quit making a mess of shit.  You wanna get stuff done?  Balance the fucking checkbook without raising taxes, you dopes take enough already…  Till then, shut it.



  1. David Bonnell says:

    Hey Big Daddy, nice rant. As you know I’m an Australian so it’s not my place to criticize how you run your country and all. But I have a few questions. Do you wonder why you’re the richest country in the world, which spends the most money on healthcare in the world but you don’t have universal health care when most developed countries do ? How can the richest country in the world have so many cities and even States in or on the verge of bankruptcy? Do you wonder why the real incomes of middle and lower income America have basically flatlined for the last 30 years while the rich have got really, really (I mean stupendously) rich ? If big government is so bad why was the time of the Johnson presidency the best time for the majority of Americans when it was also the time of biggest government? And how come it’s Republican who make the most noise about the deficit but yet its Republican presidents, W and Reagan who increased debt the most? Oh and you know your 14 trillion dollar debt, have you ever wondered what it means that the debt is repayable in dollars ? Dollars the US Treasury can simply print ? It’s much easier just to go for a ride.

    • bgddyjim says:

      The problem is that everything that you wrote is inaccurate. It’s simply not true. The debt under Obama doubled… Double Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr. COMBINED. The rich always get richer during the good times and the gap shrinks during bad times.

      • David Bonnell says:

        Big Daddy, like I said I’m not entitled to vote in the USA and so I’m just asking questions. You seem to be quite right about the Obama debt but prior to that I think you’ll find I’m right. Clinton left the place in surplus. Is it really Obama’s debt or did he just inherit a stinking carcass of an economy from W together with two pointless wars?

      • bgddyjim says:

        Clinton didn’t leave the place in a surplus, Congress did and they dragged him along kicking and screaming the whole way. Oh, no way did he inherit what he’s got… He inherited a recession (so did W. from Clinton), but the fact that he can’t climb out of it is all on his policies. Pointless? Talk about bi-partisan support! The Dems in Congress demanded they vote on whether we went to Iraq or not, and W. let them! Hey, if I remember correctly you guys were there too, no?

        The main point to remember here, about the money, is that Congress hold the purse. The president can ask for money, but Congress does the spending. That’s why Clinton had a surplus. That’s also why we have this current debt problem, even with Republicans controlling the House (all spending Bills originate there)… The Dems in the Senate won’t bring a viable budget up for a vote so they’re funding the government with continuing resolutions. The Senate did bring two of the president’s budgets up for a vote though… Do you know how many votes he got? Zero. Not one vote, not even from a Democrat.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Shoot, hit the reply button by accident… We became the richest, in less than 200 years, because we were free from government largesse to do so. Have you ever wondered why we have the best healthcare in the world? Because we didn’t have the government mucking it up. We have so many major cities facing bankruptcy because they’re run by Democrats, one and all, who have spent them into oblivion. The upside is they all have good pensions though – but that’s the rub. They take my money to pay for their ridiculous frivolity. Also, we don’t have as much cash to spend on taxpayer paid free stuff because, right or wrong, we try to be the world’s police with our military… Look at Canada – they can afford their government freebies because they happen to live next door to, and be friends with the guy with the biggest stick on the planet. If they spent 30% of their budget on their military they’d be sunk (same with Australia brother).

      Finally, we’re now trying to figure out how to pay for all of LBJ’s good times and big government. 😉

  2. David Bonnell says:

    Jim we could go on like this ad nauseam and there’s no point. When Nixon was elected in 1968 US government debt was $348 billion and GDP was $952billion. Anyway, I went for a Spring ride today, it was 20C and gentle breeze in the Park, beautiful.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Nice! I went for a ride today… It was like 1! My God was it cold. Enjoy the spring and summer brother, we’re just getting ready to hunker down here.

      Don’t sweat the back and forth my friend, in the end it’s only a billion here and a billion there. And my kids will pay for it, what do I care?

  3. David Bonnell says:

    Jim. let me tell you a secret about our participation in Iraq, we never did anything that exposed our troops to harm, we lost 2 troops and one of those shot himself with his own gun. We were just there so as to make it look like you had broader support. The wars were pointless. Afghanistan is going to be like a stone thrown in a pond, you’ll make a bunch of ripples but it will go back to what it was before you came, just like for the Brits and the Russians.

  4. David Bonnell says:

    Sorry Jim, I kept going. I couldn’t live somewhere where it snows. 3 – 4 C is about as low as it gets in Sydney and we’re heading for 31C today, that’s 88 in your money.

    • bgddyjim says:

      We’ve kicked around moving south a time or two… 88 sounds awesome. In the end, now that I ride so much, it’s nice to use the winter for running. If we never got snow I’d just ride all of the time. Bad for the bones. (I can put a happy spin on snow, I’m in good shape).

      • David Bonnell says:

        I’ve dedicated a post to you tomorrow. It’ll make you think twice about that snow !

      • bgddyjim says:


        Hey, going back to the wars, it may be tough to grasp but our motto is In God We Trust… Until a damned terrorist flies a plane into one our buildings. Then it changes to “When trouble knocks on the door, light it up like a Christmas tree”. 😉

      • David Bonnell says:

        Oh yes and if someone flew planes into a skyscraper here I would hope there would be retribution. But you can still question some of the decisions that were made after that and we might leave it there. All I can say is that you nailed the bastard.

  5. I find the U.S form of government the most dysfunctional form of government in the western world. Nothing seems to get done, no matter which party is in office. From looking at things from the outside, it certainly seem like, it is “government of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation.” Both left and right seem to be working against what is good for the people. That is why the extremes of the left and right are get so much air time. I believe that the reason Clinton was able to come out with a surplus is that the elected people from both parties were closer to the centre.

    Let’s hope that both parties get their act together for the good of the people.

    • bgddyjim says:

      The budget was balanced by Congress while Clinton was president because Congress didn’t back down. The US went from a startup to richest in the world because we had limited government, small government. We started having problems when government got too big. I’d take my chances against a corporation over government any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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