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BULL $#!+…


February 2016

Until last night, I really didn’t have much to write about…  After 23 days in a row on the bike I simply felt like taking a day off.  I spent the afternoon watching my daughter kick some butt at her swim/dive meet (see below – the second photo is of her overtaking one of her teammates in a 400 relay, when she dove into the pool she was better than a half-lap down).

My poor wife has been searching for a game the family could rally around playing, God, ever since my youngest was old enough to play games….  Clue, Five Crowns (an AWESOME game btw), and a few others that didn’t stick all.  Even cribbage.

Our daughters learned how to play bull$#!+ at swim meets and we decided to give it a go at home. Of course, the girls call it BS…

And this became our game.

We have laughed so hard I’ve blown coffee out of my nose onto the table.  My wife, water and Gatorade.  Last night devolved to a new low, or maybe that should be risen to a new high…






When we were trying to figure out a game we could all play and enjoy, it was often boring. Now that we’ve got something that makes us laugh and can all enjoy… well you can see the evidence on the table.

Please, do me a favor; Don’t rush to comment section to complain about morality. My wife and I will raise our kids as we see fit. At least for now, it’s still a free country…  Trust me, we know what we’re doing.  😉




  1. Sandra says:

    One of the greatest games EVER! Mom and Dad were of a different generation and never cussed, so we called it something else (!), but yes, hilariously fun game to play. I think the longer the game goes, the sillier it gets! Great photos!

  2. bribikes says:

    Crazy family game nights are the best! We always called the game Big Smile, haha. Congrats to your daughter on her relay awesomeness 🙂

  3. You mean you don’t raise your family to the greater morale of social media? Shame on you. You obviously are wonderful parents. There is nothing better than to get away from the outside world and focus on you as a family. There isn’t enough laughter in the world these days. I love it!

  4. 🙂 when your kids are on-their-own adults, and they’re reminiscing about their childhood, here’s to them finding comfort in the notion that you and your wife **wanted** to spend time with them. here’s to them knowing they mattered.

    that whole weight-loss section… *sighs* yes. everyone should have your problems. 🙂

  5. Manu Stanley says:

    Well, we keep monitoring my son’s behavior but are far from ideal parents. Sometimes we need to do some kidstuff without that moral baggage. So I understand what you were doing, and I think it is normal 🙂

    (Well, I don’t have a clue about how you play the BS game…hehe)

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