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The Sweepstakes for the right to go to DALMAC: and the Trek 5200 WINS… by a butt


August 2022

I had the opportunity to ride both bikes yesterday while trying to dial my wife in to her single bike so she could ride comfortably on it. With as many miles as we’ve put on the tandem, we were both more than a little nervous about how she’d do on her good bike. The test ride was long. And ssssslllloooooooooooowww-uh, but we got a lot accomplished. My fingers are crossed for her.

On my end, I’ve got a saddle sore. A massive, hurty one, so I wanted to see if either bike, the Venge or Trek, favored the sore better. My money was on the Specialized Venge with its super-narrow 128 mm saddle, so I took it first. It was not a comfortable ride. The saddle hit right on the sore and, though the bike was impeccably smooth and quiet (especially so on brand new tires), it hurt.

Next up was the Trek… and it was as if the heavens opened and the clouds parted, and God said, “Let there be peace and a happy tuchus on earth”. And it was so.

The Trek is going on DALMAC for its day in the sun, even though the forecast says “Venge” all the way.

My 1999 Trek 5200 wins by a butt!



  1. Dave Talsma says:

    Ouch, never had saddle sores, probably not the best time to get those with your big ride coming. Hope it heals up quick.

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