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The Benefits of Fitness Go WAY Beyond Feeling Good.


April 2012

Excerpted from an email I sent to my mentor last August 25th:

I’m celebrating my 100th burger burned off of my gut today – that 15 miler this morning got me right at one hundred since June 1st.

Here are some interesting statistics:

-I lost eight pounds since then and gained a butt load of muscle.

-My waist size went from 32 to 30 (I haven’t worn 30” jeans since high school – and I weigh 30 lbs more than I did then [Ed. Remember, this is a good thing – I was severely underweight in high school]).

-All told, 100 burgers works out to 54,305 calories.

-I burned 12,506 of those from running.

-Considering that I would have been running anyway, in the two and a half months since I’ve started biking I’ve burned 41,799 more calories than I would normally.

–Finally, the 100 burgers or 54,305 calories doesn’t include the changes to:

-My resting heart rate; which went from 70 beats a minute (low end of average), to 58  (athlete [Ed.  I’m now in the low 50’s]).


-My heart will beat approximately 6,307,200 fewer times this year – technically that should be adjusted for exercising – where it’s pumping at 140 bpm – let’s see, 35 hours and 44 minutes multiplied by 140 = 300,160 x 4 (to make it twelve months) – divide that by two because my heart would be beating at 70 bpm anyway:  600,320, take that from 6,307,200 – 5,706,880 fewer beats this year alone.  That’s more than 57 Million fewer beats over ten years (give or take).

Now, if you go by the “you only have so many beats on your ticker”, which is admittedly dubious, 57,000,000 beats fewer in ten years is a big damn deal.  More rationally, as the ticker is a muscle, the more fit a muscle is, the better it works, the fewer problems it will give a person in the future.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share an interesting piece of trivial math…  And if it’s wrong, I am not a mathematician for my day job.


  1. Anita Mac says:

    That is some crazy math – love the outcome! Better heart = better health! Happy running and biking!

  2. […] That said, since I’ve added all of the extra miles, coupled with the sheer enjoyment of riding, that chest pain is all but gone.  In fact, even though the stress has escalated with the stagnation of the economy (though Michigan is admittedly doing a lot better than many other States) I’m doing much better on the adrenaline front.  Now I could go to the trouble of linking to a bunch of studies that show my results are not only typical, but expected – truthfully, this is not surprising nor is it rocket science (and I’ve already shown that many times over). […]

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