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The Noob’s Guide to Cycling: Why Is My Front Hub “Ticking”?


You’ve just installed brand, spankin’ new tires on your brand spankin’ new wheels…


Looks a little something like that.  You take that spectacular steed out for your first spin and you notice this faint “ticking” sound.  It’s relatively quiet at slow speeds and virtually disappears over 27-mph (43-km/h)… In between 15 and 25-mph, though, it’s maddening!

You’re sure you’ll have to send those brand new, beautiful, lightweight, aero wheels back and what a pain in the butt that’ll be.  They’re so fast.  

Hold up there, Sparky.  Don’t be all doom and gloom!

Flip your bike upside down (preferably on carpet or something so you don’t damage anything).  Look at your tires.  See all those little nubs sticking off either side?

Pull them all off.  Now take it for a spin.  You’re welcome, have a wonderful day.

Of course, I’ve spun this so I’m brilliant.  I was really the dope thinking he’d have to send his brand new wheels back.  Chuckle.


  1. I ride so fast, those little nubs ping off on their own from the massive gyroscopic forces I create… *chuckle*

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