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My Best Worst July Ever! Finding Peace in Fewer Miles on the Bike


August 2022

I’ve always, since I started cycling, been on the extreme side. Most will ride a thousand or two miles in a season and be happy. I would average a thousand a month through the summer season. Last month I didn’t even make half that. Now, in fairness, we went on a cruise and brought Covid home with us on the last day, so my wife and I were out a few more days just shaking the fever. Don’t get the impression I’m kicking my own ass for only racking up 474 miles in a month where we didn’t ride half of it, I’m not.

I am as strong as I’ve ever been, though. I’m riding very well. The tandem takes a lot more effort and attentiveness than that of my twitchy, ultra-sleek, race bike. And the quality of rides… well, I can’t even quantify that. Enjoying riding with my wife on a tandem is a gift beyond description. Hell, loving my wife enough to enjoy riding on the tandem is pure awesome sauce – having my wife feel the same (at the same time), well that’s just over-the-top.

I’ll have a lot of miles to ride this month and into next, though. Most will be on the tandem with the love of my life, but some will be on my Venge, or maybe my Trek. I am thankful our marriage made it to where I’d rather the former than the latter two. It’s taken a lot of want to and work to get here. I’m glad we made it.

Incidentally, I raised my wife’s bullhorn up a little bit so she’s a little more upright. I’ll write up a post on fitting her to the tandem in the coming weeks. It’s an interesting tale.


  1. Legend. You eyeing off a carbon fibre tandem yet? 😉

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