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Last Tandem In Paris (Michigan)… Well, Technically, Byron, But Who’s Counting?


November 2022

We rolled the tandem out to a fabulous fall morning… just a day before winter makes its early entrance to daily life. In a word, to be dressed in just a light base layer, long sleeve thermal jersey and leg warmers this late into November is simply glorious. The tandem, with a few mechanical adjustments over the season is impossibly quiet. I think, if we really tried, we could hear the frogs fart in the ditch on the side of the road.

Mike and Joe met us at the end of our driveway and we rolled for the Deer Loop. Jess and I were both dressed perfectly and we were facing all of the headwind on the first half of the ride. Well, if you could call it “wind”. It was more of a breeze.

Oh, there was talk and laughter, and a few friends just passing the morning on bikes. For Jess and I, it was our last “date” on the tandem for the season. Yesterday’s 55 degree (13 C) start temp won’t be seen again, even as a high temp for the day, till March.

Well, to be fair, we might sneak one or two nice days in there, but it’s increasingly unlikely. We’re deep into trainer and gravel season, now. At least till the snow comes in December (or later this month), that’s simply trainer season till my wife and I get fat bikes in the distant future (hat tip to you, Brent).

Jess and I ended up having a wee bit of an intense discussion after the ride about power to the pedals and the fact that we were imbalanced through much of the ride (she felt like we were spinning much of the ride – I was definitely never “spinning”), but other than that, it was a peach of a ride. We settled on that this will be something to work on next year… on our glorious, uber-light, top-end Co-Motion Kalapuya with it’s Rolf racing wheels and the whole nine.

This morning, it’s windy and just a few degrees above freezing. I set the tandem on the stand yesterday afternoon and cleaned the drivetrain. I took all of the computers and lights off, and cleaned and lubed the chain and steel bits to keep them from rusting before locking it away for the winter.

I love that bike… and the dates my wife and I have had on it this year.


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  1. unironedman says:

    Fat bikes = n+1 I guess 🥳

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