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I didn’t realize how much I had spent on my bike until…


October 2013

I didn’t realize how much I had spent on my bike until I saw a gently used, full-size fifth wheel (25+ feet long or 8 meters) for sale – for the same amount as my bike (suggested retail)…

You be the judge.  This (on sale for a full $1,200 less than the retail cost of my bike):

Or this:

IMG_3302Actually, I’d choose the bike again – it makes perfect sense to me.

This is meant to be an interactive post…  Please add your experience in the comments section.  When did you realize you were verifiably nuts?


  1. kruzmeister says:

    The bike is far prettier! I would get less than half the price of my bike as a trade in on my car! lol!

  2. Chatter says:

    I know the wife would choose the trailer over the bike. In another lifetime I would have too. Now ilk take both, so I have a portable place to sleep when on the road for triathlons.

  3. vardotrichic says:

    Not only is the bike much prettier, but it will also help keep you fit and healthy. The Iron Hippie (my husband) and I have had similar conversations as well. We have decided it is far better to spend the money keeping us fit and healthy…some people spend just as much on cigarettes in one year as we do on bikes and training gear. I think we have made a far better decision!!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Definitely can’t argue against the logic but I had to chuckle the other day when I was lamenting the fact that I may have gone too cheap in my choice of upgraded wheels (“only $350” and this was before I found out they were awesome)… Then I saw the camper and I got to thinking I might have to be careful… 😉

  4. IowaTriBob says:

    It dawned on me when I realized I kept telling the mrs. lower and lower prices for what I was buying. If only she knew how much those new rims really cost. I just hope she never tries selling them for what I told her I spent. Someone would get one heck of a deal.

    • bgddyjim says:

      LOL! My wife gets mad because I never add in the tax when I tell her how much something costs… The last item I failed to add the tax was the Venge – she was not happy.

  5. David Bonnell says:

    There’s a reason why second hand trailers are cheap. But if you compare your bike hobby to some other hobbies, like anything involving an engine or boats – it’s real cheap. You couldn’t give me the trailer (I’d rather have tent).

    • bgddyjim says:

      Me too… I could live with a pop-up though. You’re right too – I was looking at what I have become from the perspective of who I was two years ago – back then I’d have thought $1,000 was a lot for a bike. How times change.

  6. Mark says:

    It wasn’t until I turned 40 that I owned a car that was worth more than whatever happened to be my best bike at the time. Seems perfectly rational to me.

    • bgddyjim says:

      LOL… I’m 43 and my bike, only barely, actually is worth more than my car – this is by choice of course, I like my Mini-SUV so much I put another motor in it rather than give it up when it died.

      • Mark says:

        On the other hand, if you add up the value of all the bikes I own, it still eclipses the auto by a fair margin. Priorities…..

  7. The cost of my two favorite bikes was more than my wife’s new car. However, to insure a happy marriage my wife and I have employed a remnant of the Clinton administration (“Don’t ask, don’t tell”). I don’t ask how much her shoes cost and I won’t tell how much my bikes cost.

  8. tischcaylor says:

    I know which one I’d rather pay the fuel bill on!

  9. cyardin says:

    Is this even an option? Though you could fit quite a few steeds in that shed on wheels.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I’m thinking I could get a lot of use out of something like that – road trips (all of the bikes could ride inside rather than exposed to the elements), hunting trips… Heck, now all I have to do is find someone crazy enough to give me a few million dollars so I can retire! 😀

      Now, is that an option INSTEAD of the bikes? Not in a million years brother. That bike is WAY better than the camper.

  10. BikeWar says:

    Pound for pound, mile for mile, or dollar for dollar, I have more enjoyment on the bike than any camper/trailer. But ask me again when I’m 70…it may be that fifth wheel….or a Ferrari. 🙂

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