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The Cyclops Magneto Trainer; The Answer to Low Resistance Magnetic Trainers


I’ve been keeping fit on a cycling trainer through Michigan’s winters ever since I took up cycling. I’ve even come to look forward, just a little bit, to trainer season. I’m not your average three rides a week cyclist – I ride at least six days a week, usually seven. By the time trainer season rolls around, I’m good and tired and looking for a month or two of easy indoor miles so I can rest up a bit. When January 1st rolls around, though, I like to get right back at it to get ready for the upcoming season.

I simply used my trainer in the hardest setting in the hardest three gears to build up my leg strength for the season. And it worked well. I rarely struggle to get into mid-season shape where others will be struggling to catch up come April.

This year, my wife loaned my trainer to my step-father-in-law who is recovering from knee surgery, so I decided it might be a good time for a new trainer. I picked up a Cyclops Magneto from the bike shop last week and set it up.

The Magneto features a first of its kind progressive resistance that increases resistance as you pedal faster/harder.

After reading about it, I was skeptical. I’ve powered through three different trainers (a Giant, a Blackburn and a no-name pos), so I was fully planning on blasting through this one down to my highest gear… After getting the flywheel up to speed, three pedal strokes later and I was out of breath. I had to shift all the way up the cassette to the gear I use on the road to maintain 22-mph before I could reach a resistance level I could sustain. I think I have six four gears left before I gear out. Enough I’ll be able to squeeze in some legit intervals.

The amount of resistance is surprising… and excellent. This year, rather than just stay in shape, I should be able to make some substantive gains going into spring.

Folks, if you don’t want to break the bank with a smart trainer, the Cyclops Magneto is more than enough to whip all but the strongest cyclist into shape for the spring. I’m thankful to have bought mine.

The setup was simple enough and only takes a socket and ratchet (or a wrench). I had mine operable in less than fifteen minutes.

Purchase price: $216 and change (after tax – it was on sale at my local shop). List price is $249.

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