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Cycling with Friends: Part 177 Interlochen to Mission Point Michigan – A 67 Mile Destination Ride


February 2020

Mission Point is among the most beautiful rides in Michigan. The 67 mile ride isn’t all awesome, you spend the first ten getting to the awesome, but riding up the Mission Point peninsula simply can’t be beat… with a decent hill or two thrown in for fun on the way home. The ride starts at Interlochen State Park – a phenomenal full service campground for a hub-and-spoke cycling adventure – and with all the posts I’m devoting to this series, you’ll be able to fill a week with fantastic rides from that campground when this is over.

For this day’s adventure, we’re heading from Interlochen into Traverse City for a brief stop at a beach with a restroom. After a quick stop, it’s on to the peninsula where the beautiful scenery is jawdropping. Follow the shoreline north before looping back around to head home (or opt for a right on 37 – Center Road and add on another 10 miles to run up to the lighthouse at Mission Point). Stop for lunch at mile 39 (or 49 if you did the lighthouse) at the Peninsula Cafe (their wraps are fantastic).

From there, it’s time to head for home, and a sandwich at Bud’s or a full meal at Hofbrau (if you really want to eat big, Hofbrau. If you prefer a lighter, but wonderful dinner, Bud’s is fantastic.

The Route on Ride with GPS is (here)
On Endomondo, click (here)
On Strava, Click (here)

If 67 miles just isn’t enough, click (here) for the 83 mile long route on Strava



  1. Sounds amazing! As soon as the time “springs forward”, I’m hitting the road again!

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