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The Whiny Dude From The Ride Last Night


April 2012

The more I think about the fella that I spoke with before our ride last night, the one who was complaining about cyclists because they [the main group] don’t wait up for the slower riders (we’re talking about 6-10 mph difference here folks) like running groups do, the more it bugs me.  Now this was an older fellow, maybe six to eight years my senior that we’re talking about here, so it’s not like I’m looking at some wet behind the ears kid that just doesn’t know any better…this is a grown man.

I realize this comes down to winners and losers, and nobody likes to be a loser (I’m guessing here, you’d have to ask him), but dammit ladies and gentlemen, how self absorbed do you have to be to complain about this when you’re attending an advanced ride?  The way he was carrying on, he honestly expected the rest of the group (or at the very least a part of it) to have a sucky, slow ride just so he could have fun – when there are other no drop rides on other days of the week.

To put this in perspective, I regularly ride at around 19.5 to 20 mph on my own.  According to this guy he’s good at around 16 mph – my recovery rides are faster than that.

The attitude is what gets me, my friends.  I was raised, not only as a kid but as a runner too, that it is my responsibility to keep up, not for others to wait for me.  Sure I had a couple of friends to help me out at first, to show me the route and everything, but to hold my hand and hang with me?  Uh, no that most definitely is not the case…  If I wanted to keep up, it was my job to get faster.

I just don’t understand that mentality folks – actually come to think of it, I’m glad I don’t get it.  I can’t imagine my happiness hinging on someone else slowing down for me.

And that’s definitely a good thing.


  1. CultFit says:

    Feel your pain…Some of the hardest rides I have ever been on were when…”Who’s that old fart riding with us today? Dude looks like a yeti with tree trunks for legs?” Yup, got my ass kicked on those rides!
    It’s easy for me to say, In one ear out the other…Guys like that are abrasive in a group ride and ruin the mood!

  2. tlbflowllc says:

    “I can’t imagine my happiness hinging on someone else slowing down for me.” – that sums up a lot of my personal beliefs that dictate my social interaction with others. Brilliant.

    That said, it’s really weird that this guy won’t just go to the biking groups that are designed for less advanced members. Has he already been informed that those other groups exist?

    • bgddyjim says:

      I made it abundantly clear last night if he hadn’t…but he mentioned cyclists in general as opposed to runners – as if he’d been on several other rides. It gets a lot murkier than that, I probably should have been more descriptive about the conversation, but he specifically mentioned the lead guys not waiting… It’s too fast for most, guys drop off all the time – I don’t know, I did what was right – I just got out of that situation before I said something I may have regretted. It was really odd.

      Thank you for the compliment, though. It’s much appreciated.

  3. COME ON!!! any athlete joining ANY advanced group should either 1. be advanced and have no problem keeping up, or 2. KNOW that they are there to get their ass whooped, and be ready to work really hard. Plus, complainers are soooooooooooo annoying! Hey, if you don’t want to be here or if “the other kids aren’t being nice to you”, DON’T COME! no one is holding a gun to your head saying you HAVE to be there!

    The thing I find MOST annoying about this whole issue is that while it is fun to run or ride with fellow runners or riders, they are, essentially, solitary sports. You dont need others around you in order to do it. My point here is that even if there wasn’t another group he could go with that week, if he really wanted to go at a slower pace, he could easier do it on his own free time!

    As a lifelong athlete (notice I said lifelong, not “expert” or “professional”) I personally always like to train with people BETTER than me…this helps you get better as an athlete. That being said, if I ever feel like I’m holding people back, I’m the first one to say “You dont have to wait for me, I dont want to slow down your workout!”

    This guy sounds like a pansy! Dont let him get to you! Rock On!!

  4. Forrest says:

    This is one of the reasons I don’t do group rides…

    • bgddyjim says:

      Fortunately the Tuesday night guys don’t care about whiners. The reason that I am doing that ride is so I can get stronger and faster, and the best way I know to do that is ride with people who are bigger, stronger and faster than I am. I’m done worrying about that guy – so be it. My bike shop owner is trying to whoop me into shape for the local pro rides, and I’m in it to take this as far as I can (though I’ve got some work to do, the guys I’m trying to keep up with now are fast as it is!).

  5. […] Live and learn grasshopper, live and learn.  Talk about a full circle. […]

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