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Employment Opportunities In The US…


December 2012

I received a rather racy email from my father-in-law that I found funny and ironic so I figured I’d share the email and my response.  I didn’t hold anything back and this is just a touch more racy than my usual PG-13 so I’m putting everything under the fold, if you will.

The email starts out like this:

This girl could be
 sitting at home drawing unemployment, but instead she’s  established
a business with unlimited potential for expansion.

A creative entremanure [SIC – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?] who has developed a business idea with tremendous profit


She’s selling
margaritas on the beach (clearing $1250.00 per  day)…

 The  jobs ARE out  there folks!!!

Now admittedly, this is funny as hell.  I wouldn’t quit drinking to give one a try, but hey…  My dad-in-law however, God bless him, is one of the brain dead Democrats – he’s one of those guys that actually believed the Iraq war was a personal vendetta or an oil grab, or that “Bush lied and people died” (none of which was true by the way) so there was a political tinge to it in case you missed it.  Anywho, here’s my response:

Sure, you could consider turning yourself into a whore a “job”, guys will do stupid shit with their money to see a pair of tits (not me, personally, but I am aware that there are many guys out there like that).  I hope you don’t mind if we aim a little higher for your daughter and granddaughters. 

That notwithstanding, I think the current administration should aim a little higher as well.  I do realize that a lady selling a suck on a plastic tit is about all that’s left to shout about when it comes to “jobs” these days, but let’s try to do a little better, shall we?

Of course, do you really think she’d be clearing $1,250 a day if she weighed 220 pounds and had a pair of saggy tits?  Of course not – she’d be on food stamps.

On top of that, the she probably doesn’t pay taxes either because it’s a cash business so she’d only be clearing…let’s see, State, local and federal, she’s in the top 1% $700 – and that would drop to $550 a day after January 1st.  Greedy bitch.



  1. Since you father-in-law is a democrat, shouldn’t he be condemning this “job” as being degrading to women? As a right-wing conservative (a little to the right of Attila the Hun) I would never want my wife or daughter to degrade themselves in such a way. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want them to degrade themselves by living off the government either. 🙂

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