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A Somber but Happy Occasion – The Final Club Ride of 2014


November 2014

[The Doors, “This is the End” playing in the background]

My Venge sits clean and pedal-less in its spot in the spare bedroom:
We skirted rain last evening, but barely, for the final club ride of 2014, a fun but somber occasion. By “barely”, I mean it stopped raining just one hour before we were slated to head out. The road was still wet for the warmup but the wind was whipping up so they were drying out rapidly… We began at six pm in the evening (thank you Hillary [aka the real-life Lady Redundant Woman*] “when that phone rings at 3 am in the morning…”), light all but gone. My trusty Serfas 305 headlamp and Thunderbolt tail light firmly affixed to my recently perfected Trek 5200’s Specialized Tarmac Bend handlebar, slicing through the darkness…
Now this is was my second (I think, maybe third?) first Tuesday in November club ride, this is the one Tuesday of year where we all tend to stick together, with the exception of the two groups that normally ride (we do all stay together for the first four or five).
Unfortunately, as I wrote earlier, the wind was really starting to whip up, so that ended up shaking out one of our small rabble. The weather channel had predicted a 12 mile an hour breeze out of the WNW but we ended up with a 22 mph chill inducing wind and we were dead into it or fighting a nasty cross-headwind for what seemed like forever.
We started picking the pace up about ten miles in and didn’t back down until we crossed the finish line after 30 miles. The main interesting item of note was the last six or seven miles – when we finally had the full weight of the wind behind us… Justin and I were up front and he let me know we made it up to 23 mph before we could feel that we were cutting into the air… We ramped up the pace to 26-28 mph for the charge home.
It was another one of those nights – had I not been a hardcore cyclist, staying home would have made sense but it ended up being a great night for a ride that even the less fanatical amongst us would have enjoyed thoroughly.
We finished off the season with a nice dinner at a local diner before heading home and turning in. I am absolutely happy with my season. I am stronger and faster than I was last year and I had more fun than I could have hoped for, and that’s all I wanted.

*Lady Redundant Woman is a character on PBS’s Word Girl


  1. Chatter says:

    Love your cycling reports, make me want to ride again. I switched to a running focus and find I have had little time for cycling, falling short of my initial mileage goals. I get to live on the bike through your write ups and love every minute of it. Keep sane in the off months.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks for the compliment brother, fear not I’ll be good… We’re not quite done yet either, it’s just the last of the club rides. Even then, maybe I’ll write about some of the earlier rides in the year, the one’s that didn’t make the cut the first time…

  2. Sue Slaght says:

    The bike looks like it is ready for a nap. Great riding!

  3. tischcaylor says:

    I’m with Chatter. I don’t ride as much as I’d like to (hardly at all, really, barely have time to get in the running I want to do) but I like to live vicariously through your always entertaining Club ride posts. Congratulations on a great season.

  4. Come back summer days 😦

  5. PedalWORKS says:

    I traded snow for rain about 30 years ago. The temperate climate in the Pacific northwest may be wet at times but we can get on the bike frequently. I don’t miss the snow and cold.

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