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How to Draft Like a Pro from GCN – One of the More Important Lessons a New Cyclist can Learn…


February 2017

I’ll embed the video toward the end of the post, but a few words first.  If there’s anything that can screw up a group ride it’s a cyclist who lacks skill and forethought on a ride.  I’ve gotten into the math before but when you consider that in a fast group you’re traveling at 30′ to 40′ per second, there isn’t much room for error.

Enter the GCN video “How to Draft Like a Pro”.  At 4:06 into the clip they get into how to ride when you have someone on your wheel.  The best bit starts around 4:15 when they illustrate how to, and how not to get out of the saddle when you have someone on your wheel.

All too often I see cycling rookies pull their bike back to pedal whilst out of the saddle.  This is bad.  Don’t do it.  Stop IT! 


The idea is not to make the person riding behind you have a heart attack whilst you’re out for a fun afternoon in the saddle!  Anyway, rather than me blathering on about it, give the video a watch and you’ll be able to see the right way and the wrong way – and you’ll be able to see, clearly, how dangerous the wrong way is.


  1. Those GCN guys. There are a few women that I occasionally ride with that flat out refuse to ride close because they’re scared. I understand that but point out that to get better at something you have to practice, and who to better practice with than someone you trust – ME.

    • bgddyjim says:

      My wife struggles with that but is getting MUCH better. I have two guy friends who are TERRIBLE, but they both crashed once so they’re a little gun shy.

      • I make a point to try and stay predictable, not be (overly) aggressive and remain aware of everything. Just as Matt and Simon point out, start off with a wheel length and pay attention.

  2. Manu Stanley says:

    I’m way less experienced riding in groups. But I think group riding, or sharing the road with a bunch of faster riders is something every cyclist should learn. There would be near shaves while you are riding at high speeds or climbing up or rolling down a hill. One much practice and be prepared. 🙂

    • bgddyjim says:

      We actually have slower groups so people can learn before they get into the fast group. We don’t appreciate close shaves. They lead to accidents and those lead to hurt cyclists.

  3. fitnessgrad says:

    Hey Jim!
    Hope all is well with you and the family, just wanted to stop by and say hey and wish you well in your continued riding 🙂


    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks Shay-lon, things are well! I tried watching Everything Must Go today… it did not start out well. I wrote about it for tomorrow.

      • fitnessgrad says:

        Is that the one with Will Ferrel (probably spelled his last name wrong). I heard that was a decent movie. What made you decide to watch it? I have yet to watch it, I only heard of it once before you mentioned it. I suppose it is not a newer movie. I will checking your thoughts on it, although I probably won’t be able to say much since I have yet to watch it myself LOL

      • bgddyjim says:


        Well, it kinda hits close to home, being the Recovery part of Fit Recovery. In recovery we keep a delicate balance. If I get too far away from my last drunk, mentally, I’ll be closer to the NEXT one. I love a good reminder that booze is still out there kicking ass.

        I heard it was pretty good so when I saw it on Netflix I figured I’d give it a whirl.

      • fitnessgrad says:

        Ahh, okay this makes sense. I didn;t know it was on netflix. Wow! I guess it would be something worth watching. Netflix has been adding some pretty decent movies lately, i have noticed.

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