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The Official Start of Road Cycling Season: Not so Fast…


March 2017

Today is the official start to the Genesee Wanderers Cycling Club season!!!  Woohoo!   Except:


Actually that partly cloudy is a little misleading.  It technically is partly cloudy.  It’s also technically snowing.

Sadly, that 13 degrees obviously isn’t the Celsius version either.

In other words, the start of our cycling season is going to be on hold for a while.  In fact, looking at the 15 day forecast, it could be April before we actually get a real Tuesday night ride in.


UPDATE:  I should add, for those who missed the Title…  I am talking about road bikes here.  


  1. Brent says:

    An image I’ve always had of the hardiness of folks from the frozen lands of northern Michigan has now been shattered. You guys aren’t out today laughing at the thermometer?

    We in the NYC area have winters that can usually be characterized as “decorative,” with just enough snow to make the yard look nice a few times a year and just enough cold to break out stylish winter clothes. So I had always thought that we were wimps compared to you guys.

    But here we are in a storm that’s expected to dump a near-record 24″ on us. I was out on my fat bike in 20 degree weather with winds at 15-20 gusting to 40+. Maybe you guys need to get yourselves some fat bikes to keep rolling no matter what. If I can do it, surely you can!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Oh, we ride in the cold, Brent, on regular 2″ tires. We don’t need traction control like you guys… and you are wimps compared to us. You just happened to get one storm in a decade worse than us. Chuckle.

      I was referring to the club ride, on skinny tire road bikes. 😉

  2. OmniRunner says:

    Yup, so much for that spring weather. We’re getting over a foot of snow today! And it was 9 degrees at my race on Sunday.

  3. heavyman927 says:

    We were suffering in Texas too. It was in the 70s but if you got in the shade in was in the 60s! Well, upper 60s….

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