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A Fast, Fun, Fantastic, SUNNY Weekend


Judging by the Title, you might get the wrong impression that we had some unseasonably warm weather to ride in. Not bad, certainly, but not exactly unseasonably warm, either. It was, however, exceptionally sunny and the cycling was much improved over the normal winter cold we’ve been experiencing.

I wrote about Saturday’s ride, our first 20-mph ride of the year, but yesterday’s ride was even better. We left at 9:30, giving it a chance to warm up with the abundant sunshine. We rolled out right at 9:30 with five or six friends and met four from the A Group on the road. They played well yesterday and we ended up with a feisty, but reasonable 19-mph average, ending with tailwind for all but one of the last 18 miles.

It was one of those weekends that makes you feel good about simply about being you.

After some long, cold, gray winter months, it was great to get some sun, even if it was limited to square inches about the face and neck. I woke up this morning feeling like a Hundred Dollars. Michigan is a funny state. From May through October, we’ve got abundant sunshine, most days of the week. From November through April, though, sun is on short order. The problem is being situated betwixt the Great Lakes. We have a large population of Seasonal Deficit Disorder sufferers, so when March rolls around and we get those first few days of sunshine, well, let’s just say there’s a lot of relief.


And so it was for me.

I’ll be stuck inside this afternoon, as we’ve got rain on the way. That’ll be okay, though, because there was some celebrating going on over the weekend.

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