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Who do You want Running the Government?


October 2016

Donald Trump:  Boeing 757

Hillary Clinton:  Boeing 737

During the primary, Trump spent a quarter that of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.  Trump beat 12 other Republicans running in the Primary.  In Dollars, Trump spent $55 Million to beat 15 other candidates.  Hillary Clinton had to spend $174 Million to beat a cranky, old socialist.  In America.  Bernie spent $202 Million and wasn’t smart enough to know the primary was rigged from day one.  Trump spent $46 per Delegate.  Hillary $146 and Sanders, chuckle, $254.
Hillary Clinton will spend, roughly $1.3 Billion before this is over.  About half a Billion more than Trump. 

Trump’s plane has a gold-plated sink.  By the bedroom.  Hillary’s has standard seating.

This post isn’t for the Kool-aid drinking Hillary supporter.  I know, you don’t care how much it costs to defeat those wascawy Wepubwicans.  I know.  Just move along and comment if you must.  You won’t change my mind, even if you call me names and stuff and I know I won’t change yours…  You’re obviously okay with an astounding level of corruption, as long as it comes from your side of the aisle. I’m just sayin’…

OH YEAH!  By the WAY!  It’s October!  Surprise!  The FBI re-opened the investigation into her worshipfulness because of information gleaned in the investigation of Carlos Danger sexting underage girls!  

I’m not used to these things going our way!  What a treat.  If you haven’t seen VP Joe Biden’s reaction when a reporter lets him in on the fact that the emails came from Carlos Danger’s – AKA Anthony Weiner (no kidding) – computer…  It’s the best Joltin’ Joe ever.  I laughed for 15 minutes…  I’m not exaggerating.


  1. Tony says:

    Regarding this election, is it true in your neck of the woods that there are virtually no bumper stickers on cars. Is the choice that disturbing? Why don’t people back their favorite on the back of their car this time around? Ditto with buttons. I have seen very few buttons for either candidate.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Well, I can tell you, from my neck of the woods, those of us who would support a Republican would never put a bumper sticker on our vehicle because many on the left are unhinged enough to damage the vehicle for having the sticker on it. As far as the left goes, let’s just say the enthusiasm gap is large this time around. My wife thought nothing of having an Obama sticker on her vehicle (long story) but she doesn’t have a Hillary sticker.

  2. Gail says:

    All I know, as a Canadian, is that I want the Keystone Pipeline to be approved. It means jobs and money to us. The only person running for President that I know that will do this has a name that figures largely in my euchre matches.

  3. Around here the conservative suburbs clash with the Chicago democrats. Out here in the suburbs, we say it’s the Dork versus the Devil. In the city, it’s the Saviour versus the Sinner.

  4. wanderwolf says:

    indepentanlty of my choice for president, I’ll say I was surprised to see how much Clinton spent versus Trump. But then again, the media did a good job of campaigning for Trump, so I guess that worked in his favor!

    • bgddyjim says:

      What?! Look, they were all for him in the primaries because they figured he was the easiest for Clinton to beat… After the primaries he got the Republican treatment as all Republicans have since before you and I were born. Same went for Romney, McCain, Bush, Bush, Reagan…

      • wanderwolf says:

        True… true. But he doesn’t have to campaign too much about his platform…

      • bgddyjim says:

        If it was about platform, if the media allowed it to be, madam Hillary would be down by 20 points. What’s her platform? Borrow money from China to “invest” it in education? Tax the rich and hold the economy down? The only chance she has is to smear him and hope to God nobody pays too much attention to her email scandal, for which she should be riding a concrete bench.

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