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A Glorious Weekend… On the Bike and Off


May 2021

Saturday morning’s ride started damp, was dry for a bit, then we missed the rain but only by a few minutes. It had rained hard and the roads were soaked. It was a gnarly mess but fun. 56 miles

Saturday afternoon’s ride was a little windier, but a lot sunnier and warmer. My buddy Chuck had to work and it was so nice out. 22 miles.

Sunday Funday was a little faster than a normal Sunday Funday. We had three tandems and it got crazy. My wife and I took the group out at a reasonable pace (18-19-mph) into a mild breeze, but Jeff and Diane are strong with the Force on a tandem and they crept up to and beyond 20 into that breeze. I sensed they were still on the way up so I hollered up that I couldn’t hold 20 for long. My attempt at keeping a lid on the pace worked for exactly one mile. Our tandem is massive fun, but a rocket ship it ain’t. We struggled quite a bit keeping pace with everyone, especially on the home stretch – I had to pull out of the group when my wife ran out of gas and decreased her push enough that I couldn’t make it up. Once she had a second to recover, though, we were right back after it – and the group had slowed up a little bit to allow us to catch back up. Once back on with the group and with my wife hammering away, we cruised the rest of the home stretch without much difficulty. We pulled into the driveway with a little more than 40 miles at a 19.5-mph pace. 40 miles.

We showered quickly and I prepped our bikes for a club picnic that we had to show up for. My wife was leading the 10-mile ride and I was either going to take another short ride or ride with her group. I was absolutely tuckered. My legs actually took to calling me names in sign language.

Once at the church, groups split off to a 30-mile, a 20-ish mile and our 10-mile ride. The other two had a leader, so I rode with my wife and two new people to the club who were on mountain bikes. Oh, fantastic wonderfulness, the pace was so slow. I had my Trek in the baby ring for the entire ride and we just rode along with the husband and wife couple while talking about all things fitness, cycling and the club. Entertaining is the perfect word for that ride and my legs were infinitely thankful as we pulled into the driveway of the church after 54 minutes and another 11 miles.

Normally, I’d expect to grow a little antsy with such a slow pace but slow, really crazy slow, was exactly what I needed.

We cleaned up after the club meeting and new member lunch and headed home. I was asleep for a nap before I even bothered cleaning out the cars. The rest of the afternoon was spent with my wife and daughter sharing laughs and dealing with life on its terms. We had a fantastic smoked pulled pork dinner (more on that later) and fell asleep on the couch watching a movie. It was a perfect weekend. On the bike, and off.

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