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A New Adventure Begins…

September 2012
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This coming Saturday I’d planned a long but very simple/boring ride to finish September off big and to virtually guarantee a first place finish for Michigan in the National Bike Challenge. I was planning to drive from my mother-in-law’s house to Midland (45 minutes), ride 50 out then back and drive back to my mother-in-law’s.

Mrs. BDJ came up with a much better idea though. Instead I’ll be riding from Harrison to Clare where I’ll pick up the trail, ride to Midland and then head back. Now that’s an adventure!

Just the thought got me so fired up I had to temper myself on my ride this afternoon. I started out easy enough, but I got going in a hurry. In the end, after stopping at every light and stop sign on my 16 mile ride I still managed an average of 19 mph… No stops and I’d have been at 21 easy.

Tomorrow, I’ll ride easy with the misses before packing up and heading north… And then it’s on. I can’t wait. I’ll be sure to write about before Sunday morning.


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