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The Pistol Theft Public Service Announcement…


December 2014

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a PSA out there showing a kid stealing his mom’s pistol out of her dresser drawer (who is that stupid with kids in the house?), taking it to school and dropping it on the desk asking the teacher to take it because he doesn’t “feel safe with a gun in the house”. I wonder if he’d feel better with a criminal with a knife in the house and no viable way for his mother to protect herself. Remember kids, gun control is saying it’s better to find your mom raped and strangled with her own pantyhose than to find her explaining to a police officer how her attacker ended up with all of those holes.

Never mind the fact that the idiot places his finger inside the trigger guard, on the trigger, when he boosts it from her dresser, never mind that the kid would be expelled and doomed to repeating, for the rest of his life, the all important I didn’t graduate line, “You want fries with that”? Technically that’s unfair to fast food employees because even that job requires a diploma or equivalent… I digress. Never mind that, when the dip s#!t pulls the pistol out of his backpack to give to the teacher, he puts his finger back on the trigger… You know, there’s a theme here. Leave it to Lib/Regressives to teach a kid how to handle a pistol in a manner which will get his balls shot off (twice), steal from his mother, lose his allowance for the next three years to pay for a new pistol (and a good safe, c’mon ma) and get expelled, dooming himself to poverty for the rest of his life, once he gets out of jail for illegally transporting a firearm… All in less than three minutes. That’s Public Service for you. Look at the bright side though… While he’s in jail, he’ll meet plenty of great people who can teach him how to make a living selling drugs! Woohoo!

And you wonder why I don’t want them anywhere near my healthcare?


  1. I swear. Crap like that is why my head is about to explode with the idiocracy in the media!
    By the way, your post is awesome . . . health care. 🙂

  2. Guns don’t kill people. Shooting your balls off kills people.

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