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Who Is “They” Anyway? BDJ’s Self Evident Truth #8


My buddy Dennis and I came up with this question about seven or eight years ago on a 9 mile run.  The more time goes by, the more I like it.

They say you shouldn’t…  They say you can’t…

They say you should learn to love the body you have…  Who is “they”, anyway?  If I’d tried to love the body I had after I quit smoking cigarettes, as “they” suggest, I’d be ten years older – and still miserable.

They say you should only do low impact aerobic exercise…  Who is they anyway?

They say you can’t run if you’re a smoker (or that you can’t run fast, or more than a couple of miles).  Bullshit you can’t – who is “they” anyway?

They say running is bad for you, or your joints.  Who is “they” anyway?

There is a simple answer to the question:  “They” are the folks who want to justify their status as a couch potato by selectively quoting medical professionals in an attempt to make it appear that “you” are doing it wrong when they are.


  1. siany1 says:

    I hate the whole ‘running is bad for you’ argument. Running has changed my life for the better in every aspect so to hell with ‘they’! 🙂

  2. beechcreekproject says:

    Bike is in the shop at the moment and last night was my normal ride night so I decided to try something new. Went the closest bike path and ran. I ended up running 4 miles at about a 12 minute mile pace. I guess any slower and I’d have been fast walking but I wasn’t sure how this was going to work having not ran in years. Finished without stopping but my legs feel it a little bit today. I think I’ll keep mixing it up for a while and see how it goes. Never hurts to keep the body guessing. 😀

  3. onyerbicycle says:

    I like this post. Especially as ‘they’ keep suggesting that I shouldn’t (shouldn’t be able to) swim, bike run. WHO ARE ‘THEY’?

  4. Sandra says:

    Good one, I love it!

  5. […] so stupid on its face that I won’t even bother with a take-down, but that’s how “they” form the […]

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