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A New First…


My girls have a picnic every year on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and I try to make it when I can.  That made an afternoon ride impossible so I shifted my ride to first thing this morning.  It was pretty windy out but because I made friends with the wind a few weeks ago I wasn’t fretting it.  Clouds were plentiful but the local radar showed all clear.  I wore a loose shirt to make the ride a little more work and headed out.  The first mile was with the wind followed by two with a cross tail wind and then I started into the wind.  It was ugly but survivable because it was only a few miles.  The next leg is where the ride got a little long, six miles into a cross head wind that got old after about three miles.  I put my head down and just concentrated on spinning the pedals around as fast as I could.  At mile 13 my ride got fun – 15 mph wind at my back.  I shifted to the big ring  and got to cookin’…for all of two miles before the clouds opened up – so much for the local radar.  After about a mile in that mess I started chuckling to myself – the rain really wasn’t all that bad.  Sure it was a bummer, riding through that much water would obviously require a bike wash this afternoon, but I was very comfortable as long as I wiped my glasses off every now and again so I could see.  At mile 15 I came upon a choice – either keep going or turn right and cut 7 miles off of my ride and call 18 good for the day.  You know which one I chose.

The rain continued for another 2 miles before it quit and it started clearing up  rather quickly and the rest of my ride was quite enjoyable, even if I did have to ride through soaked shoes and socks.  I met my goal for the day and kept my speed moderate at 18.5 mph so I’d be fresh for a long ride and run tomorrow.

So my “first” was not riding in the rain – it was enjoying riding in the rain.  It was a fun ride for sure.

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