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As the Sun Rises on a New Day, It’s Time to Head Outside to Play…


April 2015

Many fit people talk about workouts of the day, hitting the gym or any number of things related to “work”.  For many people, getting fit is work.

I am a cyclist.  I get to play.

It is regularly suggested that the key to a happy life is to view it through the eyes of a child.  As far as I know, there exists no better way to do this than to ride a bike.

So by all means, do what you have to do to work at staying fit – or save the membership fee, buy a bike and grow a pair of wings.

Ride hard, play hard and Respect the Engine™


Respect the Engine is a Trademark of Feed the Engine Apparel.


  1. I don’t even have a bike. Haven’t for years, now. How sad is that? I saw someone riding one yesterday (I see it every day, really.) and I thought about how much I really miss riding one!

  2. whiskeyj says:

    I am one of those lucky ones who enjoy going to the gym, but every now and then I need a change in routine.

    I treat my life as a workout playing games with my nephew/niece and going out for an improvised run/cycle where I stop at random places and do random bits of exercise. And yes I do get a few weird looks doing that!

  3. Dan In Iowa says:

    YOU’VE HIT IT!!!! While other people are “work”ing out, we’re getting fit by playing. There’s probably a lesson in there to our schools and kids too! I NEVER train. I ride a lot though! (6500 miles last year)

  4. Working out feels great but being able to get out and play is the best! Being able to play outside is even better! My play time is tennis and sometimes I can’t play enough sets. Fun having something you love to do. Your focus, drive and enthusiasm for cycling is contagious! Is the weather starting to get better?

  5. As A A Milne wrote “Now I am six I’m clever as clever, so I think I’ll stay six for ever and ever”

  6. bribikes says:

    Ha, so true.
    It is no wonder I am so getting so hooked on cycling; it is my transportation, my exercise and my play time!

  7. Thomas Clayton says:

    Jim, smiles for all the miles!

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