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An Update on Time Trial Bike Guy:  He May Be Coming Around!  


July 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve written about time trial bike guy before.  See, there are two types of people who show up for a club ride with a time trial bike:  Those who know they don’t belong in a club ride and those who don’t know they don’t belong in a club ride.  Well, technically there’s a third:  Those who know they don’t belong in a group and don’t care.  

On that note, did you know you can turn a time trial bike into a road bike for less than $400?  $200 if you buy used stuff, and you can change it back to a time trial bike for triathlons any time you want, in less than an hour.  All you need is a handlebar and shifters.

I digress.  Time trial bike guy showed up on Tuesday and had a good ride.  He was only out of position once, but only long enough to figure out that he was out of position.  He pulled through, I think every time, and actually took some pretty decent turns up front.  

I do have hope for the guy because other than being unsafe because his bike handling skills are less than good and having a habit of not thinking about others riding around him, he’s actually a pretty good guy.  I want him to be a contributing member of the group, if he can get the safety thing right.

So, as much as he’s been maligned on this page (and in person, by me and others in the group), he showed some excellent progress last week.  I hope it lasts.

UPDATE:  This post deals only with time trial or triathlon bikes in a club/group setting.  These bikes, by their nature, are meant for solo performances (with the sole exception being team time trials, though if you’re reading this page the likelihood of you being good enough to compete in an actual team time trial is slim to none).  You can’t draft in a triathlon, after all.  Please don’t take this post as an overall disparaging commentary on the bikes themselves.  They have their place, no doubt about it.


  1. unironedman says:

    Maybe he reads your blog?

  2. Hope he comes around as he sounds like a strong rider and a good one to have as part of your bunch if he perfects his roadcraft.

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