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I don’t Cheat on My Trainer Time. Not Even a Minute.


If the plan is to ride 45 minutes on the trainer, I ride my 45 minutes. I may go over but I’ve never, not one time in six years and some change, did I cheat and cut it short.

And I hate riding the freaking trainer.


Cutting my trainer time short, spinning an easier gear than I know I should be in, spinning at a slower cadence, or taking too many days off…

I would only be cheating myself. Cheating in the off-season makes my in-season harder (especially early spring), and why would I ever do that?!

Just a thought.

Ride hard my friends.


  1. Sheree says:

    Wise words!

  2. Brent says:

    You wouldn’t be counting the minutes to do a complete workout on the trainer if you were instead out there riding your new fat bike. You know, the one you’re resisting buying. You’d have the opposite problem: “What? I’ve been riding for three hours? Where did the time go? I’m having waaaaay too much fun!”

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