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Miracle Hair!?

August 2012

I started thinning a few years ago. Since I started cycling on a regular (daily), it has absolutely stopped. I don’t know if this is due to a better diet, more exercise or decreased stress (basically the other two are both due to the increased exercise, but moving on…).

I saw a commercial for a new product called Miracle Hair… Basically you shake some fibers onto your head and they stick to your melon by static electricity – the charged particles cling to your head and scalp…


What happens when it rains, or the wind blows? Worse, what if there’s no breeze and you want to go swimming or for a ride on your bike?

That stuff isn’t a miracle, it’s a prison sentence!

I can see it now, I’m out with my new sprinkled-on hair when all of a sudden the wind picks up and I’m magically bald again – or worse – patchy!

This just goes to show how unbelievably awesome Bruce Willis (and my little brother) is!

He didn’t mess around, he just shaved that hair off and called it good! It’s all about the freedom baby.

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