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Specialized’s Therminal 2.0 Arm and Leg Warmers; Excellent

May 2018

I picked up, marked almost half-off, the full set of Specialized Therminal 2.0 arm, leg, and knee warmers from Specialized’s website.

My last set, love it as I did, was put through the wringer. I hammered the warmers over seven years, putting them through gnarly weather and tens of thousands of miles of use.

As far as I’ve seen with the useful life of most cycling clothing, I’d have been happy with half the time I got out of my old set. The old arm, leg, and knee warmers were fantastic.

The new 2.0’s are better. They seem better constructed, they’re warmer, and they let through less cold air.

Sadly, when we rolled out yesterday, the temp was cold enough to require both arm and full leg warmers – actually it was colder than I like for leg warmers, I’d normally have gone for tights but I wanted to give the leg warmers a fair run in cold weather… 40° (4 C) and windy. And my legs were comfortable the entire ride, even into the wind.

Wearing my last set, I’d have been cold enough my legs wouldn’t have worked at their peak level. Yesterday I felt great the whole ride. Perfect.

I highly recommend them at full price. They’re a steal when marked down.


  1. Tony says:

    Interesting post, Jim. I have never worn leg warmers so I don’t have a clue about their use. I just weather long johns below 45F. From your pics, they seem to leave some of the leg bare. If they do, isn’t that cold? I rode twice yesterday with long johns and 45F temps and wind. Granted I wore regular cycling gloves on my hands and my bare fingers were fine.

    • bgddyjim says:

      The knee warmers leave the leg bare at the ankle to the calf, the leg warmers go ankle to upper-thigh. Arm warmers are armpit to wrist. They are meant to be used with cycling shorts so the shorts cover the top of the warmer. Better, they’re like fleece-lined long johns so they block the wind better. If I were to wear something under my cycling shorts (like long johns) I’d be chafed twelve ways to Sunday because we ride so fast. I’m talking bloody chafing. We pull out the tights below 40. Arm and leg warmers above 40.

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