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Global Warming Scientists, Studying Global Warming and a Lack of Ice, Get Stuck in Ice…


January 2014

The current situation plaguing global warming scientists down in Antarctica has had me doubled over laughing since Christmas when they got stuck in the ice to begin with.  Apparently we need to relocate some polar bears to Antarctica

It’s too perfect:  Global warming adventure scientists travel to Antarctica to prove to the world that the ice is going the way of the dodo…  Scientists get their ice-breaker stuck in the ice.  They send in a rescue ice-breaker in to get them free.  The rescue ice-breaker gets stuck.  They helicopter the folks out to another ice-breaker that gets stuck in the ice…  IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE’S SUMMER…

Folks, it just doesn’t get any better than that.  It’s almost as good as Al Gore getting snowed on every time they set a Global Warming confab in the middle of winter.  Of course, this will all be blamed on global climate change.

Ah well folks, the rest of us can laugh while they’re ducking for cover.  Just be prepared – every time these dopes are made fools of by mother nature, they push back even harder.  The fact that the ice is so thick should be rejoiced along with the reality that the warmists were mistaken.  Alas, this will not be the case.

And a few funnies from my favorite political blog:




Oh, I’ll bet he’s got one…


  1. And might I add this little nugget: It takes a forest to offset the hapless Australasian Antarctic Expedition debacle, carbon footprint! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  2. Bar Science says:

    “According to computer models, this is not ice” LOL!!! Love it!

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